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If Your Cat Bites You, Here's What It Really Means

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Humans have not yet learned to understand the language of animals and that is why their behavior generate many questions: why do dogs tilt their heads all the time and why do cats make such strange noises?
We'll try to answer all your questions and maybe we can help you understand your pets a little bit better.

00:00 - Welcome!
00:24 - Why do cats bite? (Preview)
01:01 - Why do dogs bark when seeing hugs?
01:45 - Why do cats freeze with their mouth open?
02:16 - Why do cats knock things over?
02:44 - Why do parrots grind their beaks?
03:30 - Why do cats bring us gifts?
04:04 - Why do dogs walk in circles?
04:36 - Why do cats drag their food out of their bowl?
05:12 - Why do rabbits thump their hind legs?
05:51 - Why do rabbits hop around?
06:16 - Why do hamsters freeze?
06:51 - Can guinea pigs purr?
07:15 - Why do dogs tilt their heads?
08:02 - Why do parrots need mirrors?
08:31 - Why do cats make strange noises?
• e l x d x s t i n y • : Cat: *brings owner a sock*

my mind: Master has given dobby a sock. Dobby is free
RedApproves : When your cat bites you, calmly walk away. I did this to my cat consistently. After 3 weeks it learned not to bite when I pet it or when we play. Sometimes she'll even catch herself about to bite and stops herself.
Saturnusplanetkraft : When cat bites like that, I wouldn't describe it as hard, actually tickles a little, I assumed it's wanting to play. I also want to believe by allowing the cat to do this tells cat you trust it thus reassuring their trust toward you.
Laura Beane : Is the "gift" still alive, or dead prey? If it's dead, usually it means the cat respects you, and is giving you first choice of its kill. If it's still alive, it's trying to teach you how to hunt, i.e., your cat thinks you're a simp
Bill Keith Channel : My wife was collecting leaves and keeping them in a scrap book but stopped for winter. The next spring my wife's cat "Violet" would bring in leaves of various types and arrange them on the carpet and sometimes include candy wrappers found outside. I think she was trying to tell Chelle to get back to her hobby now that the bad weather broke.

Where is your cat miyoung. Ryan ask miyoung where is kitty(siri).

#kkatamina #miyoung #ryanhiga

That's Why Your Cat Sleeps with You

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Why do cats like to sleep with their owners? Is it healthy, by the way? And if it's not, what are the risks? Actually, most of the cat owners sleep with their pets. Are you one of these people? Then you know that it's really relaxing to sleep with a cat listening to their purring. And they are so warm and soft! But have you ever wondered why your cat loves to sleep on your bed so much?

The sweetest thing is that it’s their way of saying “I love you!” Cats can't tell you this directly, so they kneed your legs, bring you gifts, show you their belly, purr, and sleep by your side to show affection. They can be independent and antisocial, especially compared to dogs, but they miss you dearly when you're away.

They're just using you as a free heater 0:23
They feel safe this way 0:48
It's a way of marking their territory 1:12
It's just so comfy! 1:40
It’s a way of saying “I love you!” 2:07
But is it safe❓ 2:33

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BRIGHT SIDE : Hey guys! Do you prefer long-haired or short-haired cats?
Souless Deeds : My cat is my PTSD reliever. I am a disabled veteran and I did 3 Iraq tours. So between my medical problems and my PTSD induced insomnia. Sleep is a very hard thing for me to achieve. My cat knows when its time to sleep and fusses at me to go lay down. Then he crawls under the blanket and lays across my left shoulder. I usually fall asleep much faster with him there. He can tell when my back is bothering me and come sit on my lap. It helps relieve the stress I get from the pain. He only wants to socialize with me. And tends to ignore other humans lol.
Anon ymous : I don't "own" my cats. My cats are my family.
Daniel : Cats love you back exactly as much as you love them. We're so much more than just their territory, or a warm body, or someone who feeds them. Any cat person knows this.
Sandra-Lee Davie : My boy sleeps with me every night. He puts his head on the pillow and a paw on my arm.....EVERY NIGHT......




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